What is HPX?

Augmented Reality

The future is in your hands. In fact, it’s probably in your back pocket or in your purse – keeping you connected
in countless ways to your world.

HPX is committed to enhancing your experience as the tools to change reality
get smaller and more affordable.

Pushing the future envelope with a keen eye for the meme, always on the lookout for unique remarkable experience.

HPX – Ideas that flow – inspired by what still can be called “magic”-
video, smoke and mirrors…

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No Boundaries

For almost 20 years HPX has been experimenting with cutting-edge multimedia tools attracting some of the top audio
and video artists in the world to collaborate in a shared vision.

Not unlike the phenomenon Synesthesia, HPX allows the audience not only to hear the music, but see the music.

From interactive Video Art Exhibitions to Large – Scale video presentations HPX
never lets the audience down.

With HPX in the house, the environment engulfs your senses and leaves you awestruck.

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Your Vision Manifested

The universal language of music reaches out to wrap its arms around the globe,
now more than ever.

Every individual knows the feeling of closing their eyes and moving their body in time, surrendering to the matrix that unfolds within us as music weaves its spell of delight and excitement.

HPX strives relentlessly to be your digital portal; your synergistic round trip to eye candy, derived from our collaborative creative inspiration united with technical expertise.

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